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  1. NoT2BaD

    CP not2bad_mc9

    not2bad_mc9 - asymm/symm 3cp Made for the micro contest 9 Buddy System with SnickerPuffs! Our plan was an asymmetrical 3cp map where one side was from the future and one from the past
  2. NoT2BaD

    KotH koth_forgery

    koth_forgery - a 2017 72hr submission revival testing this map again to see if its worth bringing back
  3. NoT2BaD

    ARENA Arena_Hydro

    Arena_Hydro - Fast-Paced Arena Respawn in the Hydro theme! This map is Arena Respawn, meaning the only way to win is to defeat the the enemy team. Capping results in respawning any dead team members.
  4. NoT2BaD


    koth_snowbank - A fast paced fun-sized koth map in bone chilling [NONDESCRIPT COUNTRY] I dont have a lot of time this year for the jam but im hoping to get something out Introducing Koth_Snowbank! A harvest sized map in the coldfront-ish theme with plenty of brrrrrr. Cap time is reduced and...
  5. NoT2BaD

    KotH koth_n2b72

    koth_n2b72_a4 - The name will be updated eventually So i didnt post screenshots for a3 during the 72hour jam, my bad. However,we're moving on to bigger and better things now. And i do mean Bigger. Ive decided to continue the development of this map, and Im quite pleased with how its going so...
  6. NoT2BaD


    koth_n2b72_a1 - Koth map in the product/process artstyle Koth map in the process or product artstyle. mid might be cramped, but i wanna see how it plays first. Screenshots to come soon.
  7. NoT2BaD


    Arena_Respawn_a1 - yes the title is a work in progress First attempt at an arena respawn map. yes its small, but thats to encourage fast paced gameplay, as arena respawn games can really drag on if you're not careful
  8. NoT2BaD

    KotH Koth_One

    Koth_One - WIP that i adopted Adopted this from (i cant remember who) and ive been working to improve it
  9. NoT2BaD

    KotH Bridge

    This is my first ever map, a koth map focused on center control point over water. The spawn sides are mostly mirrored, and each team has a separate battlements area off to either side with ammo and health. I couldn't have made this map without the help of Crash's tutorials, so a big thanks goes...