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  1. That1Yoshi


    That1Yoshi submitted a new resource: Blitz72 - CTF Map for the 2022 72 Hour Summer Jam. Read more about this resource...
  2. That1Yoshi

    PL Sandblast

    That1Yoshi submitted a new resource: pl_sandblast - This is a tag line. Read more about this resource...
  3. That1Yoshi

    KotH Coober Pedy

    Coober Pedy - Underground Australian Tiny Tunnels and Homes Hide Secret(s), Legend Speaks of Medals From 72 Hours. Based on one of the smallest towns in the world. Here's a video link: View: This is a King of the Hill map with many vertical elements and...
  4. That1Yoshi

    KotH Planks

    Planks - A map with stupid doors and two hidden medals, in spawn, it's pretty obvious where they are. I made this in about 3 days, my own 72 hour "challenge" thing maybe, anyways enjoy this poorly lit mirrored map!
  5. That1Yoshi

    KotH Coober Pedy [Deleted]

    Coober Pedy - Set Semi-Underground Somewhere in Australia. Made in "five" days and my second ever "actual" map released. Got inspiration from [link here soon probably but i need sleep] the name is completely ripped off the actual thing. I'll probably get a better description tomorrow.
  6. That1Yoshi

    Crappy 72 hour drawing [Deleted]

    Crappy 72 hour drawing - crappy thing i made early in teh contest. I laso made ctf_labyrinth.
  7. That1Yoshi


    Labyrinth - A ctf map with a bunch of corridors and it has trains! A Capture The Flag map made for the 72 hour (TFMaps) TF2 (Summer) Jam.
  8. That1Yoshi

    KotH koth_4points_pro_a1

    koth_4points_pro_a1 - A parody of a parody of a parody of 2fort. This is a map that I made in 3 days, though I probably only worked on it for about 8-10 hours. I was inspired when watching a SeriousMartin (TF2 youtuber who has been making a lot of stupid/wacky/bad map videos lately and before...