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  1. Kube

    Autocompleting TF2 VScript in VSCode

    Let's add some code snippets to VSCode! Ctrl+Shift+P to open command palette. Run Snippets: Configure User Snippets. Select the squirrel option. Replace the new document's text with the text here. Make sure you've enabled a file association between Squirrel and .nut files! Results should look...
  2. Kube

    CP Rdvark

    Kube submitted a new resource: Rdvark - aaaaa Read more about this resource...
  3. Kube

    CP ml_kube_mc22

    Kube submitted a new resource: ml_kube_mc22 - Science-based, 100% missile FPS Read more about this resource...
  4. Kube

    Kube's Fumble Bundle

    Kube's Fumble Bundle Download Repo mirror License info To the extent which I can grant, the files included are dedicated to the public domain (CC0) unless otherwise specificed. You can credit me if you'd like! Oh, you *do* have to credit any other creators I've listed in the map...
  5. Kube

    PL Plague

    Plague - Nothing quite like plague water! 2CP payload, medieval-themed medieval-moded cp_plague_a1c made for this dual-stage microcontest but I joined halfway through, thus the lack of a second stage. not a "serious" "submission"
  6. Kube

    PL Berlebeck

    Berlebeck - Blow up the other team's saw A tug of war map on a desert plateau, made for the Payload Checklist Contest. Logic prefab by Ynders. Custom assets used. (Screenshots are from B3.)
  7. Kube

    A1 Gameday, pt. 2 - December 15th and 16th, 2018

    Banner by Kaia. Promo site (which contained comparison sliders between new and old map versions) used to exist, but is no longer hosted. Original idea by Muddy. Huge thanks to BigfootBeto and everyone else who contributed to the maplist! Hey, remember the last time we had one of these...
  8. Kube

    Grain-Eerie (Halloween) [OPEN]

    (those clear tubes were designed to be stand-ins for custom props) A partially-complete reskin of cp_granary. Made by @KubeKing and @Exactol (include us as contributors). Open to everyone! And don't be afraid to use these files, even if someone else is using them. Screenshots
  9. Kube


    Luminosity - !fb balance audio All tracks sample TF2 in one way or another! 1. Areaportal 2. Radius 3. World is Cold (feat. @Another Bad Pun) 4. Invalid 5. Treesway 6. Light Environment
  10. Kube

    SD Dejavu

    Dejavu - You catch my drift? Map file: 2s_dejavu_a4 This is a 2S map (a custom gamemode). Thank you @saph for the excellent logic setup!
  11. Kube

    New Year's Resolutions - 2018

    There was a similar thread made last year, not made by me, but I figured I'd pose the question again: What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2018? How are you planning on fulfilling them? For example: I'm going to make less bad excuses for myself. I always find reasons not to do what I...
  12. Kube

    House Arrest

    House Arrest - Capture the KotH Requires sv_allow_point_servercommand always This is to stop teams from winning by capping 3 times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features an experimental gamemode, Capture the KotH (ctk). I'm not...
  13. Kube

    A1s-Of-Popular-Maps Gameday! - December 16th, 2017

    Original idea by Muddy. Huge thanks to BigfootBeto and everyone else who contributed to the maplist! Every map starts from somewhere. Iterative design gave Official and Featured maps their polish. All your favorite maps used to be terrible! I've scoured the internet to find a total of 57...
  14. Kube

    KotH Sunset

    Rompramp - Probably less ramps than you'd expect Adopted version of @Muddy's Swampcamp. A KotH map set in a swamp, with ramps, surely to be a romp.
  15. Kube

    PL Province

    Province - "There must be more to this provincial map!" A 4CP payload map set in Montenegró. pl_province_72_a4 was an entry into the TF2Maps Summer 2017 72hr Jam.
  16. Kube

    Elevator Capture Point Prefab

    Elevator Capture Point Prefab - A capture point that moves up on an elevator when being capped Originally used in cp_blizzard, uploaded with permission of collab partner. Free to use, for free, without permission. If you wish to credit anyone, credit @PyroDevil and @KubeKing. This prefab...
  17. Kube

    Editor available for VMT files Thanks to @Freyja for sharing this in chat (with plenty of enthusiasm).
  18. Kube


    NOTE: To avoid sound glitches, please do not RTV this map. Instead, use the command "ent_fire lapc_red_case invalue 80", and then quickly change maps. Welcome to Isle Admiral! For tourism purposes, the residents of the Isle transformed their homestead into a racetrack. Thanks to the following...
  19. Kube

    Removing bumper cars at end of round?

    An audio glitch occurs if the server's map is changed while players are still in bumper cars. In order to prevent this glitch from occurring, I need to remove the bumper car player condition once each round has been won. I haven't been able to find a working solution. I've tried: Disabling the...
  20. Kube

    PL Nectarine

    Nectarine - Creme nectarine and montelimar The result of over a month of work. Payload map in some sorta autumn facility? Truthfully, I don't know where this thing is set. Thanks to @theatreTECHIE and @AsG_Alligator for help in this thread. Thanks to @Auwi for some advice on scaling.