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  1. Leminnes

    -textureshadows not reading my lights.rad file correctly

    I made my lights.rad file as I would normally, like so: forcetextureshadow models/props_construction/construction_fence256.mdl forcetextureshadow models/props_construction/construction_fence128.mdl forcetextureshadow models/props_construction/construction_fence128_corner.mdl forcetextureshadow...
  2. Leminnes

    Making Gameday/Improptu Maps use the Workshop

    I wasn't quite sure how to phrase this thread title, but there she is! Now I'll try to make more sense. So, I played on a server the other day that does something super nifty. They play maps from the workshop and the server downloads them directly from the workshop. I believe it does it by...
  3. Leminnes

    Iron Gauntlet thing

    Alright, cool, let's move this elsewhere. Move this if it isn't the right forum, I wasn't 100% sure... I mean, I can't speak for anyone other than myself. But I just saw the original thread and that's how I felt. I'm not a hateful person, at least I don't believe I am, but I saw him...
  4. Leminnes

    Skybox Crag Skybox [Sunset]

    Crag Skybox [Sunset] - A late twilight, evening skybox for all your spooktacular needs! Download and put in tf/materials/skybox/[skybox texture files] and Skybox Texture Name in the map properties to: crag_sky Made this years ago for... I think I made it for cp_rum first *shutters*. It...
  5. Leminnes

    KotH Rowdy

    koth_rowdy version: a1 koth_rowdy is a brand new koth map, my first new map since crag, which was longer ago than I care admit. I intended it to be a bit like Viaduct with a marginally more difficult capture point.
  6. Leminnes

    Old Diesel Generator

    I'd very much love it if someone would model an old diesel generator. :D Here are some examples: (This is actually the room I want to recreate.) Pictures are pretty easy to find. Just search "old industrial diesel generator." PLEASE AND THANKYOU. <3 EDIT: Oh, also, the more rusted and...
  7. Leminnes

    Map Making "Documentary"

    I'm just judging the interest in this. After I finish Corrode, I was thinking about making my next map but meticulously detailing every single step of the way. It'd be a combination of Blog and Videos. I'd try to make it as professional looking as possible. I'd start out explaining the planning...
  8. Leminnes

    Add Maps to Steam Workshop

    Good afternoon, guys. Long time no see. I recently posted a thread in the TF2 Steam Workshop discussion forum about maps being officially added to the Workshop. I was wondering if you guys could jump on there and give a little feedback and/or support...
  9. Leminnes

    PL Crag

    PL_CRAG_EVENT_C Making of this map condensed to the length of the awesome part of Genesis by Justice. Created for the 72 Hour Contest between 6-27 and 6-30-2011. Was tested halfway but the elevator in the map crashed the server. So technically, it never got tested until it entered the...
  10. Leminnes

    Broken Light Bulbs

    Like these: They'd basically be just small Detail props. Was thinking they could hang from the ceiling or be broken on the ground.
  11. Leminnes

    Texture Red ConcreteWall003

    Not much to say. :P I took concretewall003a/b/c and recolored them red. :D Enjoy!
  12. Leminnes

    Model Floating Barrels

    So, I needed floating barrels for my detail area. So I took props_badlands/barrel03.mdl and recompiled it as a prop_physics. Some instructions here: Detail area ONLY. They just don't work well in playable areas. Take my word for it. Also, here are the settings for the prop as I have them...
  13. Leminnes

    Texture Caved in/Dilapidated Roofs

    I'm going to need some Caved In and Dilapidated Roofs for my map (corrode) somewhat soon. I'm not quite sure how I'd describe them but if anyone's willing to make them for me, let me know. I'm sorta thinking things like this: Edit: Bugger, meant to post this as a MODEL. I can't...
  14. Leminnes

    Crafting Sort Idea w/ Images!

    Posted this on SPUF but I thought you guys might be interested too. I was crafting today and it was thoroughly pissing me off so I decided that this needed to exist. So I created these mock ups: First off - Here you see a menu on the left hand side with "Class" and "Slot". If you...
  15. Leminnes

    Mojang's New Game: Scrolls Card Based Board Game? I'm not really sure. Edit: Information from Joystiq: The fact that Jerry Holkins has ANYTHING to do with the story makes me want it now. Goddammit. :| Edit 2: Even more information at PCGamer.
  16. Leminnes

    PL Corrode

    Version: RC1 On The Workshop. Would you believe that Corrode has been in development over 5 years? I made the very first sketch of Corrode right before my 21st birthday. After making a handful of fairly terrible maps, I decided it was time to get serious and really make something ambitious...
  17. Leminnes

    Black Mesa Source Screens

    A website called Atomic got ahold of the latest build. They took pics but soon removed them. But here they are! 1-33 34-66 66-100...
  18. Leminnes

    Help. Blue lighting on my map. WTF

    How do I fix this? I changed the color of a few of the lights on the map and now it's bright blue.
  19. Leminnes

    An... update? I guess?

    Uh, yay? I guess? Is this worthy of a new thread? I'm not sure. On a side note, we can wear it with hats now. Whiskered Gentleman + Towering Pile of Hats here I come!
  20. Leminnes

    Texture Nodraw Textures (not eyemelting)

    I'm fairly certain most of us like to do our first blocking of a map with the bright yellow no-draw texture to save time later. Personally, I was amazingly sick of looking at that godawful yellow and I also tend to get a headache from looking at it for too long. So, in like 3 minutes I made 3...