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  1. JMaxchill

    Creating circular geometry

    I'm trying to work out how to create geometry like koth_roundhouse, but the images in the thread explaining it are dead and I can't get the clippers to work at 15° to each other. Anyone got any thoughts?
  2. JMaxchill

    Control points won't unlock

    I'm trying to make a 3cp sequential Standin prefab, but the first control point won't unlock the other. SetLocked and SetTeamCanCap both don't work, and "Preceding Point Required" can't work because both teams need to be able to cap the second point regardless of whether or not they capped...
  3. JMaxchill

    KotH Overrun

    Overhang - No lifts! Second map! Repacked with bsp_repack. Shoutout to ABS for reasons.
  4. JMaxchill

    Joining serves with un-repacked maps

    If my version of a map is repacked and I join a server running the same map but un-repacked (or the other way round), what happens? e: Title should read servers
  5. JMaxchill

    func_movelinear kills teammates

    How to stop, basically. Thoughts?
  6. JMaxchill

    CP Fourth Floor

    Fourth Floor - Lifts, a train and hopefully a volcano! 3CP A/D for the Dynamic CP contest. Reuploaded because the other thread was 1 piece of useful feedback in 2 pages of shit and counter-shit. Photos coming soon! BZ2:
  7. JMaxchill

    CP Fourth Floor [Deleted]

    Fourth Floor - Lifts, a train and hopefully a volcano! A 3CP A/D map made for the Dynamic CP contest, featuring lifts and a train. Photos coming later! bz2: Creds to ABS for the pack and Freyja for the train prefab. Photos cos
  8. JMaxchill

    Cubemaps broken for me

    Every map I've been on today, cubemaps haven't worked and it's glowed purple everywhere. I don't think I've installed anything other than maps, so I have no clue what's causing it. Thoughts? (yes, this probably isn't the place to put it, but I have no clue where else it'd go)
  9. JMaxchill

    CP_Steel Prefab?

    I've tried searching for it but I can't find a 5cp A/D prefab a la Steel. Should I just make it myself or am I being an idiot?