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  1. alexrox360

    Fullbright Compile Problem

    My map won't compile in regular lighting, it keeps going to Fullbright after compiling. I checked Interlopers checker, I reduced all the luxels (Lighting on textures I believe) to 16 for every geometry brush in the map, I asked some of my home discords about it but no dice. I know there's some...
  2. alexrox360

    How can I resize and scale props?

    I wanted to use this Spell Fist for a project, but I want to resize it bigger than normal. It won't resize if I try stretching it by selecting and pulling on it. How do I do this?
  3. alexrox360

    How to get rid of this red/blue/green grid on objects?

    I think I may have turned on something in Hammer to do this, but it started showing everything I selected in a red/blue and green grid? I can't get rid of it by restarting Hammer. How do I get rid of it?
  4. alexrox360

    Team Spawn doors will open no matter what team is inside it's trigger.

    When I am trying to test my koth map, the doors on the opposing team will open for me, even though I set it to a Blue team filter. This causes a problem because people can open and shoot inside the spawn room. How do I set it to class specific doors?
  5. alexrox360

    A part of the map will disappear when I look at it in a certain area.

    I tried cloning the spawnroom and everything in it to the other side of my map, and now the original keeps disappearing when I look at it in certain places. It will appear in one spot, but disappear in another. I can't select anything in the disappeared area. How do I stop this?
  6. alexrox360

    Help with Visgroup Popup when I double-click instead of going to Object Properties.

    I was trying to open up Object Properties by double-clicking on a block in game, and it kept bringing up this Visgroup popup instead of going to the Object Properties. I can cancel or hit apply, but it won't stop coming up when I want to select the block. How do I get rid of it?