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  1. Sir Nick

    Trying to measure distance traveled as an integer

    Hello all, let's talk entities. WARNING: This involves math. I'm looking for a way to dynamically measure the distance a func_tracktrain has traveled from it's starting point. Why you ask? I'm trying to create (in my opinion) a better capture elevator. The only official capture elevator I can...
  2. Sir Nick

    KotH Secondthought

    Secondthought - Mixing up a classic gamemode It may not be the first time this has been done, but here's my attempt. King of the Hill works really nicely for 6v6, but is a bit too hectic for a 12v12. To try and fix this, I've made a KOTH map with TWO control points. I hear what you're saying...
  3. Sir Nick

    CP Oceanside

    Cliffside - A 3cp map made for the Connect 5 Contest. The tagline says it all really. This is my first map I've actually released. The Connect 5 Contest gave me a direction and a deadline, so I said "Damnit, I'm actually going to release it this time!" Here's the row I'm using for the...