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  1. Kube

    Berlebeck - The Pyro Update

    Made the map worse Slightly less health New routes beside sawzone New one-way spawnroom windows (being for the benefit of dropdowns) Replaced a trim texture I couldn't relocate
  2. Kube

    PL Berlebeck

    Kube updated Berlebeck with a new update entry: The Pyro Update Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Kube

    10 Day Contest ($500 in prizes)

    Any rules regarding custom assets? Could we start making assets now or should that happen within contest time?
  4. Kube

    The Weird Feedbacks Thread

    the world will never know.......
  5. Kube

    Welcome to the 2022 redesign!

    ohmygosh it's so fancy!! site migration/database BS is tough work, thank you folks :)
  6. Kube

    [[ Spamton NEO boss fight ]]

  7. Kube

    [OFFICIAL] TF2Maps Arctic Theme Pack Thread

    Best of luck, seeing these assets resurface would be very funny H̶e̶r̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶e̶m̶p̶o̶r̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶l̶i̶n̶k̶ to my old (really bad!) arctic ice (snow) textures. Let me know when you've rehosted the download so I can delete it on my end I've got no trace of those sign textures on my machine...
  8. Kube

    borf borf

    borf borf
  9. Kube

    How to install the Hammer Editor on Linux

    For folks who stumble upon this guide, looking to install Portal 2's Hammer Editor on Linux: 1. Install the Portal 2 Authoring Tools from Steam. 2. Right-click Portal 2 Authoring Tools > Properties > General > Launch Options. Set to PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command% 3. Portal 2 Authoring Tools >...
  10. Kube

    2021 Featured Maps - Voting

    Munitions, Osiris, Smalltime, Staple (I'm biased towards Staple since I ported the map to Open Fortress)
  11. Kube

    CP Osiris

    it's so prettyyy
  12. Kube

    KotH Eerie

    For contingency's sake, here's some Eerie B3 downloads from Rotab's TF2Maps Index: BSP | BZ2
  13. Kube

    Kube's Fumble Bundle

    It played... interestingly. Definitely needs some route timing polish. But it's decently workable, from what I remember!
  14. Kube

    PL Cactus Canyon Redux

    new people don't know about rock005?? gosh I'm getting old edit: wait nvm, mobious and I created our accounts the same year. my youth is restored
  15. Kube

    Kube's Fumble Bundle

    Fixed, thanks <3
  16. Kube

    Kube's Fumble Bundle

    Kube's Fumble Bundle Download Repo mirror License info To the extent which I can grant, the files included are dedicated to the public domain (CC0) unless otherwise specificed. You can credit me if you'd like! Oh, you *do* have to credit any other creators I've listed in the map...
  17. Kube

    CP Grave Robbery

    Ooooh, happy to see someone's working on a Granary Event! @Exactol and I attempted to put one together, to no avail. You're welcome to steal the name if you'd like: Grain-eerie
  18. Kube

    ty birthday folks <3

    ty birthday folks <3
  19. Kube

    How to install the Hammer Editor on Linux

    Copy all the files from the depot "/bin/" over to the "/bin/" folder in your default installation. Unfortunately I can't help with any Hammer missing files errors :( Also: I've got HL2 Hammer working on Kubuntu thanks to this tutorial!
  20. Kube

    delayed borfday

    delayed borfday