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  1. Yrr

    Yrr's General Purpose Particles

    Yrr's General Purpose Particles - some particles to use in ur maps :) Made by Yrrzy for the 2021 72hr Jam! Contains 17 particles: embers_256d - a circle of embers 256hu in diameter embers_256w - a square of embers 256hu across embers_512d - a circle of embers...
  2. Yrr

    CTF Big Boys

    Big Boys - Get Flag Get Big Made for April Fools 2021 Concept, Logic, Textures, Design by Yrrzy Layout by Pont Voiceover by Benjamoose Special Thanks Mr. Burguers Catfish FloofCollie Idolon Startacker
  3. Yrr

    Texture "No Flag" barriers

    "No Flag" barriers - this is a flag-free zone "No Flag" barrier textures for each team, for use on maps with a flag drop barrier. NOTE: These are just textures, you'll need to set up the flag detection / drop logic yourself! Includes: no_flag no_flag_blu no_flag_red no_flag_nocull...
  4. Yrr


    Departure - A departure from the norm Departure is an Arena CTF map where the flags are onboard moving trains.
  5. Yrr

    Jump Pad Prefabs

    Jump Pad Prefabs - Particles Included! In order to make it easier for mappers to create jump pads for their maps, as well as to provide some consistency between them and their visual language, I have created a set of particles and prefabs to use. jumppad_64a - 64x64 base, blueish steam...
  6. Yrr

    Particle Skybox Ocean Waves

    Skybox Ocean Waves - A particle for distant ocean waves, to put in a skybox Each particle comes in two sizes, 128x128 and 256x256. Can be rotated to change the wave directions. There are 4 colours; Wave 1 - Brownish Wave 2 - Blue Wave 3 - Yellow Wave 4 - White Names: fx_skybox_wave1_128...
  7. Yrr

    ARENA Rachelands

    Rachelands - rachlands you go fast nyoom
  8. Yrr

    ARENA phoeblands

    phoeblands - its phoeblands you know her its phobe
  9. Yrr

    ARENA brtest

    brtest - Battle Royale proof of concept an arena map set around a large donut shaped area, which closes in gradually layout is nonsense i just wanted smth to test the logic
  10. Yrr

    Particle Modular Weather Particles

    Modular Weather Particles - Stock weather particles but resized Rain, Snow, Ripples, Drips and Splashing, at various sizes Particles ending in "d" are circles, particles ending in "w" are boxes. A particle labelled "_128w" would have a width of 128 hammer units, where a particle labelled...
  11. Yrr

    Potential General-Purpose TF2 Particle Pack for Maps

    I've been learning to make particles lately and figured I could make a bunch of general purpose particles such as drips, splashing, blowing leaves, smoke and fire. Anyway, there's probably loads more useful particles I could make that I just haven't thought of, which is why I want you to...
  12. Yrr

    Alternative Pickups

    Alternative Pickups - In case you need more than Health and Ammo Prefabs for "pickups" that apply other effects. Includes: Jarate Pickup (pickupjar) Milk Pickup (pickupmilk) Mark For Death Pickup (pickupskull) Fire Pickup (pickupfire) Minicrit Pickup (pickupmcrits) Invisibility Pickup...
  13. Yrr

    Hot Garbage

    Hot Garbage - as the title suggests I almost gave up on this, soon you'll wish I had
  14. Yrr

    CTF Arena Prefab

    CTF Arena Prefab - CTF but ...better? A prefab for CTF Arena mode. Flags are spawned from templates to avoid overriding the arena logic.
  15. Yrr

    ARENA joeylands

    joeylands - prequel to chandlands its not as good as chandlands but its ok
  16. Yrr

    ARENA chandlands

    chandlands - its chandlands April Fools 2019
  17. Yrr


    72yrrzy18 - Steel by the Sea A 3-point steel-like map themed on an industrial plant on the coast.
  18. Yrr

    KotH Bagel (2020)

    One week before the events of Doomsday, an Australium Reserve storage site prepares to send its shipment to Mann Co. Vote on the workshop! Bagel is a unique King of the Hill map that started development in 2016. You may recognise it as the base for "Cauldron" from Scream Fortress X. Designed...
  19. Yrr

    KotH Bagel_event

    OFFICIAL AS OF OCTOBER 19 2018!! A Witch's Cauldron sits at the centre of this King of the Hill map, dripping with magic. Capture the point to invoke one of 4 magical effects: - Summon Skeletons! - Open Portals! - Supercharge Weapons! - Launch Fireballs! This is a Halloween adaptation of my...
  20. Yrr


    yrrzy_spawn2017 - another jam another extol detail scene i missed most of the jam sry its bad