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  1. DoodleDon

    Robot destruction tutorial

    I was in a recent play-test and we played a map by our dear 14bit who made a new Robot Destruction (RD) map. I haven't really played the official map by Valve but I've heard of it, but actually getting to play the gamemode was a whole other thing. What I'm getting at is that I'd love to know how...
  2. DoodleDon

    CP cp_DoodleDon_umc17_a1a

    cp_DoodleDon_umc17_a1a - Unofficial Map Contest submission A Unoffical Map for the Unoffical Map Contest. Nothing else to it really other than capture two points. It's supposed to be a multi-stage cp map where you have to capture the three satillite dishes on B point to win. Or for Red is to...
  3. DoodleDon

    How to make a "npc" in hammer

    Hi, this is something I've seen in multiple maps and always wondered how it works. This thing being a npc like a Heavy, Demoman, Medic etc performing actions in tf2. What I would like to know is how I can make said npc in hammer, since all tutoriels online only talk about Half life or server...
  4. DoodleDon

    PL Lonia(A1)

    Lonia(A1) - Get Blu's bomb to the end of this three stage course (Part 1) Blu has had it with Red stealing their lumber supply! In what way do they retaliate? By pushing a big, heavy armed, dangerous bomb through their base towards Red's sawmill. Perfectly safe right?
  5. DoodleDon

    How do I add my map to the IMP que?

    I know about but they didn't explain it very well for me, or I'm just to dumb to understand lol If someone knows how to queue my map and have it in an IMP on discord, it would be highly helpful : )
  6. DoodleDon

    PL Chestnut woods

    Chestnut woods - Blu want Red's lumber gone by using a bomb Blu's wondering why their daily supply of timber hasn't come in a week. They soon figured out that Red has cut their supply line for themselves. Blu wants revenge on Red so they can take back their lumber. How you may ask? Why, by...
  7. DoodleDon

    Another quick question:

    In my shooting range, how do I make the cutouts destructavble and then respawn? Thanks in advance : )
  8. DoodleDon

    Real quick question:

    How do I make a block that you can't go through but can shoot past? It's for a shooting range Thanks in advance : )
  9. DoodleDon

    Please, I really need help

    Please, this last point has bugged me ever since I first encountered it. Anyone, anywhere, please, solve this so I can finally rest. I feel like I've tried everything but I obviously haven't. A sincier thank you in advnace -DoodleDon
  10. DoodleDon

    Still, still problems with the last point

    Again, same thing as last time. My last point won't work. If anyone could help me, It would be very appreciated. I also need this map to be "done" by tomorrow for the minor contest "Rules of three". If anyone's able to help untill then, please do. Thanks in advance -Rookie map maker (P.s. the...
  11. DoodleDon

    Still problems with the last point

    Hello, second post about this problem. As last time, whenever my payload cart comes to the last point, the game crashes. I removed the 4_cp like someone suggested, but it still doesn't work. Not only that, but whenever you go into the sawblade the cart is supposed to go into, the explosion...
  12. DoodleDon

    PL Chestnut woods

    Chestnut woods - Red has taken down Blu's wood suply for their own use, Blu wants revenge by blowing up Red's sawmill After Blu haven't recieved any new wood for their transport system, they want to know why it isn't coming. Blu soon finds out that Red has cut down theor delivery system for...
  13. DoodleDon

    Last point payload fail

    In my payload map, I ofcourse have a last point. The problem is, is that when the cart reaches said point, TF2 crashes. I wonder if there's a code that needs to be added or removed from the track ponit or anything else. The Vmf file for the map is down below if anyone wanna help (: Otherwise...
  14. DoodleDon

    PL Chestnut woods

    Chestnut woods - Help blu take the payload to Reds sawmill (point one and two) Red has taken over Blus lumber yard and wants payback. Their plan? Pushing a bomb into Reds sawmill to blow up their production line. Push the cart past the small woods and take Reds factory down! Note: This is a...
  15. DoodleDon

    In need of urgent help

    After I saved a map that I was making for the "Rule of three" contest I went to bed. The next morning, when I try to open the mapfile in hammer, it says that it's "BasePolyForPlane: no axis found" and it then closes the program. Please, if anyone can, how can I restore the file? Thanks in...
  16. DoodleDon

    Cynemtic Cameras

    When you die, you're able to browse through your teammates POV, but also diffrent cameras looking over the cp. How are you able to add them to your map, and if you can, how can you disable/enable one or two after a point has been captured. /DoodleDon
  17. DoodleDon

    In need of critical help

    When I was putting down some props and about to save, I accadentely pressed the box with the grid modifyer etc. There was an X on the screen, so I thought it would close the new window, but it insteed took away my hotbar with all my tools. In need them back ASAP so I can continue building...
  18. DoodleDon

    Big props

    Short and sweet... Is it possible to make props bigger or smaller? If so, how
  19. DoodleDon

    How too get water

    My plan for my map is to have a river flowing trough one of the capture points, but when I placed the water down as func_detail it doesn't show up in game. What should I do to have it appear? Ty in advance /DoodleDon
  20. DoodleDon

    Loading screen

    I have another question. In UEAKCrash video s1 ep6, he says that you can skip the intro sequence with the code he shows. He later says that he forgot to write the loadingscreen skip, but doesn't show it. If anyone knows what that code is, please write it here. Ty /DoodleDon