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  1. Chef Pasta

    ARENA Byte

    Chef Pasta submitted a new resource: Byte - Someone took a bite out of my map Read more about this resource...
  2. Chef Pasta

    CP Truck

    Truck - 3 Point, Single-stage CP My first CP map. It's called truck cause there are trucks in it.
  3. Chef Pasta

    KotH Crest

    Crest - My first map This is my first map, all dev textures for now. Features routes both above and below the control point, and lots of height variation.
  4. Chef Pasta

    Hammer can't seem to find the skybox?

    [SOLVED] Hey all! I'm building my first map but I'm having a problem with my skybox working. I get that "hall of mirrors" effect as if there were a huge leak but there is not. Pasting the log into gets me: material "skybox/sky_outpost_01rt" not found This is not a...