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Dec 11, 2009
Mar 8, 2009
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Dec 11, 2009
    1. Icarus
      That's great!

      I've found this site to be full of helpful mappers, and if you ever need any testing done, we run weekly gamedays.
    2. Icarus
      Hey Xenesis, how have you been doing?

      Remember me? I used to bitch around at the CW Graphics Dept. :D

      It's nice to see familiar faces around, like you, FoX, and Illidan.

      I remember reading you didn't like custom maps, but I hope you being here means that you've experienced some of our more worthy submissions.

      I've been mapping for about half-a year now, and I've produced 3 popular maps, Observatory (it's ancient now don't bother <_<), Waste, and Grinder.

      Hope to see you here more often!
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