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Nov 20, 2012
    1. KaizokuEvans

      If you do have any thoughts/opions or anything to say about it please reply back. Actually I barely go on tf2maps but I'll check time to time for your reply. But for more info on contact here is my steam community page:
      Add me if you want and we can talk about it more, maybe we can ask an admin if we can change the map to spectre an see more about it. Thanks!
    2. KaizokuEvans

      But I do see some flaws(not being offensive I mean many custom maps have flaws right?) But these flaws can easily be fixed(I think). The major flaw is the BLU Spawn, it can EASILY be spawncamped, as you can shoot through it and it's always OPEN. if they spawned you can kill them and keep killing them. They won't have a chance to build uber or anything just instantly die. So I hope in your next version(if you're making one) you could make the spawn doors like the regular/stock map ones that open and close up and down, that'd greatly help. I also have been hearing about invisible walls, I think one near the water thing. Also the signs to the control points are also wrong but that can be easily fixed I think. That's all I know and remember so far. But I really wish you could make a new version fixing this. The map is really great and favored by some nommers and an admin or two.
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    3. KaizokuEvans

      Hello, My name is Magikarp on Steam. I have come to join just to talk to you more personally and as a fan. I have played on your map cp_spectre_b2c on the nomnomnom servers which I have ehard you were in before long time ago. I hope you are still active in the steam community, and mapmaking. I love the map spectre, it is very good. It has potential to be a nice copy of gravelpit nearly. It seems like a nice map that's nom material. I imagine people playing it as if they were use to it on nom. Like a "regular/stock" map. Continue to Part 2 message please, my message was too long so I shorteed it by sending another message
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