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About me:
I've been mapping for a few years. I started... probably early or late 2012, and I started with Garry's Mod. I soon after got the Orange Box and started mapping for Half-Life 2 & Episodes (CS:S too). I never published any maps for Half-Life 2 or GMod, due to never finishing them or making them to my own standards of quality. In 2014-2015, I picked up mapping for Portal 2 and CS:GO. The first maps I ever published were to the workshop for both these games. The second map I ever published for CS:GO, aim_ak47training got over 25,000 Subscribers, which was very surprising to me due to the lower than average quality (though to be fair, anything passes on the CS:GO workshop). I dropped CS:GO after a few months, and picked up Portal 2 better. Some of my best works for that game are Rendition, Creation, and Return, in order. For a while now, I've picked up TF2 mapping and this is where I am now. I've scrapped... I dunno, hundreds if not thousands of maps in total over the years? Too many to count. I just can't work on something I don't think is good enough to play. Go hard or go home, as the saying goes.
Apr 10, 1990 (Age: 32)
United States of America