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    KotH Listener

    Had a lot of fun playing this (as prolander medic against good pick classes, too), it's an enjoyable map and one I'm looking forwards to playing again. I feel like my main thought would be that the map feels too wide and not long enough - a lot of the time we were pushing left to right, rather...
  2. JMaxchill

    KotH WinterView (Outdated go check fishview)

    had a lot of fun playing this today, gave most of my feedback already but a nice (petty) QoL change would be to space the spawnpoints out a little more, especially if you're targeting this as comp - I was having trouble buffing the right players on rollouts
  3. JMaxchill

    Underground Water

    Paste that into, click "check log" and follow its instructions.
  4. JMaxchill

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    The only problem with that is people with Dvorak keyboards or direction changing scripts won't be able to use your map, but I can't think of a work around off the top of my head
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    Map does not update in TF2 after compile

    Would it be possibly to integrate this into the new user welcome message?
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    Map does not update in TF2 after compile

    You have a leak. Paste your compile log into and follow its instructions.
  7. JMaxchill

    How to fix Steam's toxic communities

    That's how I understand it, which seems like a good idea.
  8. JMaxchill

    My map suddenly turned black

    I think the problem I had was that the skycam was within the map/under a displacement, although it's definitely a possibility
  9. JMaxchill

    Leak - Problems

    That red line in your screenshots goes from the entity, through the leak, into the void. Follow it back and you should find your problem
  10. JMaxchill

    My map suddenly turned black

    From what I understand, having 0 0 0 inside geometry also gives errors :/
  11. JMaxchill

    CP CP_ArcticFortress [Deleted]

    Go to the overview page for your map, then click "post download update". Upload the file, change the version number like it says, and write out a changelog for what's different between this version and the last one.
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    CP CP_ArcticFortress [Deleted]

    The download is now called articalfortress (1). This tells people nothing about it. Rename your .vmf to cp_arcticfortress_a1 or whatever, then compile and upload that.
  13. JMaxchill

    CP Skidoo

    That description is gold :D I'll dl and have a run around at some point e: Ran around a bit (on my own, so feel free to ignore any/all of this) and I think overall it has potential, but at the moment lacks flow and some parts feel overscaled. One sightline across both spawn doors. At first, I...
  14. JMaxchill

    CP CP_ArcticFortress [Deleted]

    You still haven't changed the filename, so if anyone who previously downloaded this tried to join a server running a different version they would get an error.