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    1. GandalfTheCHEEZ
      [Continuation of previous]
      This is probably the smallest point: In your corridors consider lowering the ceilings. At the moment I feel they are just too high to give the player a sense that they are going the right way. In general going from a large space into a smaller place gives players a good sense that they are heading the right way.

      Really good job on this map- I look forward to seeing it finished :D
    2. GandalfTheCHEEZ
      [Continuation of previous]
      I really liked your outside area, you worked with the big space well. In some places it is possible to simply jump over the river without using the bridges. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but consider widening the river in some places whilst also narrowing the bridges. I think this could improve the game play in the main area, but only testing can tell.
      Moving on from the river, the water areas you have at each side of the map- each leading into the enemies' base- I feel are quite large. It is good that players can run through the water- instead of swimming- but that large 'square' of water can stop the player from moving on. It may sound trivial but if you rounded out that corner so the water area pushed straight into the enemy base I think the map would flow more easily. Also this would make for more interesting battles in the water, especially with the health pack right next to it.
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    3. GandalfTheCHEEZ
      I just downloaded and had a look at your map ctf_voleur.
      I just wanted to say nice job! The whole map seems pretty balanced, there are a few things I thought I would share with you.
      Just a really small thing- In the corridors and inside areas of the map try to have less contrast in the lighting. Currently some areas are quite hard to see (the capture area for instance), try to place fewer brighter lights- this will make it easier for the player to get a sense of the map as they play it
      Especially for testing, I think it is always good to design a map with what you feel are too many health packs and then move and delete a few after testing. I noticed your map didn't have too many, so add a few more in before testing.
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