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    Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed

    Habeebit updated Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed with a new update entry: material fix Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed - material fix

    I am a fool
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    Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed

    Habeebit submitted a new resource: Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed - keep your crops fresh Read more about this resource...
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    Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed 1a

    A from-the-ground-up remake of the farm windmill skybox prop, for use in farm maps Created for the 2022 72hr jam
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    Bonk! 6-Pack a1

    A rough attempt at modeling made for the 72hr Jam in Blender All five flavors included
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    Bonk! 6-Pack

    Bonk! 6-Pack - too much sugar A rough attempt at modeling made for the 72hr Jam in Blender All five flavors included
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    KotH Slasher

    Any chance for a non-event version?
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    Model Airport Themed Assests
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    Overlay Generic Industrial Sign Pack

    Wouldn't "personnel" fit more than "people"?
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    what maps are funke playing in these videos

    2nd map in the first video is Corporation b3
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    Is JimiJam RED or BLU?

    I thought it was neutral, like most companies The real question is why El Conquistador chicken is red on both RED and BLU
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    B4nny visits Valve, tweets about upcoming update

    I actually really like contracts, but I'd prefer if you could choose which ones you want instead of being assigned random class ones
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    Hydro, a good or a bad map?

    There's also a texture error that causes gigantic brown marks on most of the buildings, like the one used for Expiration Date. Not to mention all of the normal problems with the map like missing details or parts that are straight up invisible when you look at them from a slightly different...