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  1. Fraz

    Steam chat will never die in my heart </3

    Steam chat will never die in my heart </3
  2. Fraz

    The new, "can I have my name changed?!" thread

    Can I get mine changed to Fraz please?
  3. Fraz

    King Kong: Arena version?

    I think you'll find, in the climate of that time. Biebertower was, necessary.
  4. Fraz

    It was Christmas Eve babe...

    It was Christmas Eve babe...
  5. Fraz

    Rize of the Fenix - Entire Album

    Going to see them in June! <3
  6. Fraz

    72hr Contest #3 - Questionnaire/Opinions

    I'd enter. Any time >May and <August is perfect for me. P.S I'm totally attempting tc again. Last time I got 3/4 of a layout done. THIS TIME I SHALL DO IT.
  7. Fraz

    Rayman Orgins

    It's the best game I own on xbox 360. Probably the best co-op game I've played in a while as well. I love it sooooo much. <3
  8. Fraz

    'Maps that need a comeback' Thread

    I did this, so I *may* as well link it to keep myself happy: <.< pl_propane >.> (ps I really do want it to make a comeback and finish it but fuck me I hate detailing) Yes. This would probably prompt me to play more :3 I personally would like to see tc_greatplains make a return.
  9. Fraz

    Map has no textures, but looks ok to me...

    Yes, you need to pack the custom materials into the BSP by using a program like packbsp EDIT: YOU BASTARD TMP. EDIT2: NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME
  10. Fraz

    Build Around The Track

    I had started, but other things will get in the way (I go back to school a week on Wednesday, going camping with mates, going to Alton Towers sometime later in August etc etc) would have been nice to do something but I have enough other TF2 stuff to keep under my belt for the next wee while...
  11. Fraz

    Build Around The Track

    I like the track if I'm honest. I was blustering earlier in chat about trying to get the base-work done but that's because slopes on sections of track at 45 degrees is just annoying. No matter what the track would be, you would never get a unanimous decision that the track is good enough. Plus...
  12. Fraz

    Unlimited Detail Tech blahblah

    Ehh, that other thing he mentioned (Atomontage Engine) uses less than 1 bit per voxel (just over half a bit by compression for each voxel) then you combine that with any other way they can save memory (I'd assume each tree/model is cache'd or instanced or something to save on space) and assuming...
  13. Fraz

    Unlimited Detail Tech blahblah So... what do the fine people of TF2M think about this then?
  14. Fraz

    Contest medal discussion

    Want a reply from robin? CC Gabe. You ALWAYS get replys when you CC Gabe no matter who the email is for.
  15. Fraz

    Super Ultimate Never Ending Fight thread.

    Matt Smith White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate