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    How do i make this look better

    Make sure the map flows well. Then add props to limit sightlines and provide pathways to jump up on. Maybe some tire track overlays on the floor and trucks out-of-bounds to show the place has been used as an industrial site. An offshore oil rig idea sounds good, look at pictures of real rigs and...
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    TF2 cart trucktrain facing wrong way

    All tracktrains have the "forward" direction as pointing right in the overhead view. When they are on a path_track, that's when you can have their orientation changed.
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    material modify control example map 2022-03-28

    Have you wanted to control a vmt with map logic? Material_modify_control will show you how! Check out the zip file and see how you could use this feature for your purposes! big props to duppy for the guidance, and this page which helps explain what the material_modify_control point entity can do.
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    material modify control example map

    Cyberen submitted a new resource: material_modify_control example map - Curious how material_modify_control works? Try this! Read more about this resource...
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    Texture color transition with material_modify_control? SOLVED!

    I have this texture I want to transition between having a $color2[1 0 0] to $color2[1 1 1], but not immediately. How can I engineer material_modify_control to make the transition from red to normal happen in a one-second transition via an input? Turns out the answer was here! I've prepared a...
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    trigger hurt leaking

    Sometimes the origins of brushes can go wildly out of the map. Try resetting the origin and if not, recreate the brush.
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    Broken Particle?

    I have new information that may help you! Each info_particle_system lists a bunch of control points you can use to control the particles. If you were to set an info_target above or below that particle and list them in the control points, it might do what you want!
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    Broken Particle?

    The weird "green line" of particles reminds me of the Medibeam. This suggests that the particle relies on two points to render properly, just as the medibeam goes from the medigun to the target. Because it's missing that defined point by the way you're using it, it's just going to the origin of...
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    Binoculars 1

    Little binocular prop with collision! No custom vtf necessary because it just uses the texture for the Sniper's rifle! Credit not required, but appreciated!
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    Model Binoculars

    Cyberen submitted a new resource: Binoculars - Little Binocular prop! Read more about this resource...
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    Steamboat Race - One day later, it's 5E!

    After uploading the previous update with the new lighthouse fixture, I realized that the control point hologram was showing up behind the glass. After a day of messing around in Blender and VTFedit I came up with a solution to show it properly. I also decreased the lightmap scale so the top of...
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    CP Steamboat Race

    Cyberen updated Steamboat Race with a new update entry: One day later, it's 5E! Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Steamboat Race - 5D fixes!

    Fixed: Certain props being hidden or too far out Props lit improperly Other stuff I can't remember Added: Fighthouse now has a lighting fixture in it to change the cap_zone gameplay.
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    CP Steamboat Race

    Cyberen updated Steamboat Race with a new update entry: 5D fixes! Read the rest of this update entry...
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    CP Gorge Lopez (cp_george)

    All this for a pun? Yes.