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Feb 24, 2010
    1. Tapp
      "A few community members have made several female versions of the tf2 characters, and we would like to enlist your help. Largely what we need are modellers, voice actors and support for possible future updates. We would also love a way to integrate these into the multiplayer settings tab you just love adding features to, so that players choosing to use the female models would be seen as female in-game. If you could post some form of announcement about this, we would be grateful, and if you could get a few spare modellers on it, so much the better. We were also wondering what voice actors we could find or, for a comical twist, if the existing voice actors could put on a female voice."
    2. Tapp
      Look, I have nothing against your petition, I just don't think that petitions are the best way to get something done. you could raise funds, enlist the help of the community, or get some form of sponsorship, but you should remember that nothing entitles you to them, and valve is in the end a commercial company, who has a LOT of stuff which they need to do with their time. That isn't to say they won't help, though. They might add in the features to choose male or female, or something like that, but I doubt they would go to the trouble of making female models purely for the sake of that. You could definately find the people in the community to make these models, so perhaps the best way to get valve to help would be some kind of blog post/steam news. So while I'm not that interested in signing the petition at the moment, but see above for the version I would support.
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