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  1. SuperLuxDeluxe
  2. Fewer
    No ideas, no skill and no motivation. New map coming 2035
  3. Gravidea
    Remember; if you point out someone's weaknesses, always highlight their strengths as well! It'll mean the world to them!
  4. SuperLuxDeluxe
  5. Ismaciodismorphus
    THE CAR: CHAIRMAN sign is such an enigma to me like why is it THE CAR:...... CHAIRMAN like wtf is the car
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Tsuna Sawada
  8. Katsu! :3
    Katsu! :3
    Overgrown has a friend :>
  9. DudeTheNinja
    when the impostor is sus :)
  10. Billo
    guys since eruption has almost reached Beta, provide me with us much feedback as you can. I need some feedback for D especially!
  11. Yrr
  12. nesman
  13. SuperLuxDeluxe
  14. Skylark
  15. Huwareyou
    Making Gold Rush 2: Rush harder
  16. Skylark
  17. Crosshair
    Crosshair EArkham
    I don't have a trade/workshop entry to contribute too, but I wanted to say I found a bug on one of your maps and I thought it would be a good idea to bring it to you directly so you can help fix it.
    1. EArkham
      Post the issue in the map thread please.
      Jan 19, 2022 at 11:27 AM
  18. Katsu! :3
    Katsu! :3
    It is 10PM. I am tired as hell and getting nothing accomplished. Life is so wild bro
  19. SuperLuxDeluxe
  20. DoctorDoomtrain64