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  1. nesman
    nesman Crowbar
    pog day
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    2. Crowbar
      Big salute saab man!
      Oct 26, 2021 at 1:30 PM
  2. L.A.1o2
    My sanity: *Cloaking noises*
  3. L.A.1o2
    L.A.1o2 Huwareyou
    hey use the displacements tool or whatever the tool is where you can select separate faces and click "treat all as one"
  4. Skylark
    Skylark Crowbar
    Happy birthday
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    2. Crowbar
      Oct 26, 2021 at 1:24 PM
  5. SED4906
    Ha ha, vaporized ya!
  6. Gorgonzilla
    I'm back
    1. nesman
      welcome back
      Oct 26, 2021 at 1:27 PM
  7. brae
  8. Huwareyou
    I hate detailing my arena map because the bad brushwork means the textures don't fit well
  9. Huwareyou
    Me on my way to abandon another map project and make another bad map
  10. Sonoma
    Sonoma Almond
    Just fyi, if you ever decide to use someone else's map as a base for something, even if it is a texture swap, you MUST get permission from them, especially if you are going to be releasing it out to the public, my map is still in development and I don't want it posted to the workshop before it is finished.
  11. Sonoma
  12. Skylark
    Skylark Fluury
    Happy yester-birthday
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  13. Pdan4
    Pdan4 Fluury
    Happy birthday in the Hawaiian timezone (I am not in that timezone)!
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  14. leezo
    leezo Fluury
    Wishing you happy birthday 1 minute before the bday is over, happy bday fluury!
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  15. Emil_Rusboi
    Emil_Rusboi Fluury
    fluury birthday!!!
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  16. Maid
    Maid Fluury
    happy birthdayyyyyy
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  17. Dustin
  18. Alex.bsp
    Alex.bsp Fluury
    jjklfsdhskljfgd its your birth happy birth
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  19. Keizer Ei
    Keizer Ei Fluury
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  20. Sonoma
    Sonoma Fluury
    happy brithday
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