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  1. ZiggyOwl
    Have not made a TF2 map since my Arena Huntsmen Attempt. Maybe I will return and make a new custom map.
  2. John101
    How about a Soviet themed map for the heavy
  3. SnickerPuffs
  4. Pocket
  5. John101
    Someone should make a Indiana Jones themed map for TF2
    1. SnickerPuffs
      A large majority of Jungle and Mayan-themed maps fall within this category.
      May 7, 2021 at 2:24 PM
  6. VoidWarrior22
    mapping time
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  7. SnickerPuffs
  8. fryserlol
    that moment when you e
  9. Tiftid
    Tiftid godaberi
    nice profile picture & happy birthday
  10. JulyWolf
  11. 14bit
    14bit Crash
    Happy Birthday, nerd!
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  12. Lo-fi Longcat
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    2. Crash
      no u
      May 3, 2021 at 11:45 PM
  13. Pdan4
    Pdan4 Crash
    Happy birthday mistah!
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  14. r0nii
    r0nii Crash
    Happy bday! Good luck with your band and your family
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  15. DoctorDoomtrain64
    DoctorDoomtrain64 Crash
    Happy birthday Crash!!! And a quick thank you for your tutorials that helped me get into mapping in the first place! Hope you have a good one! :3
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  16. puxorb
    puxorb Crash
    Happy birthday Mr. Crash
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  17. Keizer Ei
    Keizer Ei Crash
    happy birthday man
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  18. norfolk terrier
    norfolk terrier Crash
    glad birthday!
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  19. FloofCollie
    FloofCollie Crash
    happy birthday! without your tutorials I would never have found my favourite community!
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  20. Maid
    Maid Crash
    happy birthday!!!
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