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  1. _Blamo
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    Crap I missed it. Welp, happy birthday anyway!
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    Oops! I missed it! Happy Birthday!
  3. Orangepumpkin7
  4. puxorb
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    Hey! Happy birthday and many thanks for all the help you've given me.
  5. Wyvern
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    birth!!! day!!! (sorry for being late)
  7. KubeKing
  8. Pdan4
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    Happy birthday mothman!
  9. Erk
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    Happy Birthday!
  11. Heronherald
  12. Xelily
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    Happy bday mothman!
  14. Pdan4
    Pdan4 Startacker!
    Aaaaa happy birthday Star!
  15. That1Yoshi
    Takes over a year to change his status.
  16. Another Bad Pun
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    Woah there, happy birthday!!
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  19. Another Bad Pun
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