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  1. TSJ1020
    Just got back from a 1 week camp. The beds were crap.
  2. ITstumbler
    ITstumbler Dayal
    Hi can I ask where Barren is geographically located thx.
  3. Twist.vmf
    Bax. you did good pal, you did good...
  4. Bax
    Bax yellow_
    happy birthday stranger
  5. Bax
    Bax solidblu1992
    happy birthday stranger
  6. Bax
    Bax Keldeo
    happy birthday stranger
  7. Bax
    Bax Clon-EX
    happy birthday stranger
  8. Bax
    Bax GrabbaMewLow
    happy birthday stranger
  9. _Blamo
    The New NIN LP "Bad Witch" is so fucking good. Not disappointed in the slightest
  10. Kobolite
    Oh yeah, i changed my avatar
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  11. Da Spud Lord
    ...Alright, school is over, and I've taken a week to collect myself. NOW I'm going to start that ma-[SUMMERSCHOOLSUMMERSCHOOL]
  13. Infomaniac
    I decided to use the connect 5 thing as a map idea. I will probably work on the map soon
  14. cookiesurvival
    I have returned from the grave to make good maps, hopefully. . .
  15. HolySnickerPuffs
    2018 : Who is going to finish a map next?
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    2. Narpas
      Alligator, apparently
      Jun 22, 2018 at 3:41 PM
  16. 14bit
    2018: Will 14bit ever finish a map?
    1. Diva Dan
      Diva Dan
      only one way to know for sure!
      Jun 22, 2018 at 2:11 AM
    2. basilhs333
      thats a good question for me too. will bill the mapper ever finish the new version of cliffedge?
      Jun 22, 2018 at 2:57 AM
  17. Twist.vmf
    2018: will Twist.vmf ever make a map called twist.vmf?
  18. YOYOYO
    YOYOYO Uncuepa
    2019: Uncuepa finished someone else's map
  19. theatreTECHIE
    Is any map ever really finished?
    1. Twist.vmf
      nope! but we have to let it leave the nest sooner or later
      Jun 21, 2018 at 10:34 AM
    2. Another Bad Pun
      Jun 22, 2018 at 4:06 AM
  20. Uncuepa
    2018: will Uncuepa finish a map?
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