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whats new?
  • the rocks are back on A
  • moved A point building to the left, more centeral in the area and blocks sight-lines
  • blocked sight-lines on A and B
  • added medium ammo pack on low-ground on B
  • minor changes
thanks to all the playtesters!
whats new?
  • A now has a building around it
  • redesigned A courtyard, again
  • shifted some cover around on A
  • increased size of a medium ammo pack to full on A
thanks to all the playtesters!
whats new?
  • A has been redesigned
  • B now has an additional door for blue spawn
  • i dont remember anything else
  • minor changes
thanks to all the playtesters!
whats new?
  • added room to back platform for blue on C
  • increased time needed to cap C from 7 to 10
  • added more cover around C for attackers
  • blocked some sightlines
  • minor chnages
thanks to all the playtesters!
whats new?
  • redesigned C
    - A is up next for a redesign, but for now itll do
  • removed shutter door from A
  • added cubemaps
  • minor changes
thanks to all the playtesters!
whats new
  • added ramps up to C for red
    - if this change ends up working well, the tower will be redesigned to fit it
  • added fence on platform just outside of red spawn as cover
  • moved A to the side a little
  • added a small building to block visibility from the shutter to the point
  • restructured long ramp on A to make the geo more interesting
  • minor changes? idr lol
thanks to all the playtesters!
what was fixed?
  • fixed respawn times not being set correctly
    - each point in the prefab removed 3 seconds off blus respawn timer but left reds the same, so blue was left with a respawn time of 0 while red had 8... oops!
    - new respawn times: blue 5, red 6, after both A and B are capped, blue 3 red 8
  • added clipping around sliding door in red spawn to prevent players from being pushed around by them
  • added small health pack in connector tunnel
  • fixed tiny seam under B
thanks to all the playtesters!
whats new?
  • added some pipes to make climbing onto C easier for red
  • added full ammo pack to C for red
  • removed small ammo pack on C
  • added slightly more cover to C platform for red
  • restructured A - B connector tunnel
  • added fancy glass door to red spawn
  • added super sick extremely rad brushwork laser to C
  • minor changes
thanks to all the playtesters!


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whats new?
  • added more ammo around C area
  • added no-build in A shutter to prevent building inside of the door
  • made no-builds on blu's spawn gates larger to prevent red engineers building inside the enemy spawn
  • added funky cool towers to C
  • high-ground platforms at C can now be accessed by all classes via prop jump
  • added more signage to hopefully make navigating to A/B easier
  • added team filters to blue spawn doors
  • minor aesthetic additions
thanks to all the playtesters!