Zombie Survival Kart Double Deck

Zombie Survival Kart Double Deck v2

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Zombie Survival Kart Double Deck v2

Four storeys of renegade-hunting mayhem.

The next map in the Zombie Survival kart lineup, Double Deck is a completely new way to experience the formula. The map is inspired by the battle stage of the same name from Mario Kart 64, and thus there is a greater focus on the ability for Medics to flank Engineer drivers. Double Deck plays three songs from MK64: Raceways, Koopa Troopa Beach and Battle Arenas.

Play Requirements
This map does not function when attempting to play it outside of Rushy Servers. Please contact me if you wish for assistance in making the map compatible with your version of Zombie Survival.

Links and Credits
Models by Valve Corporation. Textures belong to Team Fortress 2, the TF2Maps.net Construction Pack, komaock, the TF2Ware and Jack5. Initial map design, music and sound effects belong to Nintendo from the games Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Porting to Source by the MarioKart: Source Dev-Team. Porting to Team Fortress 2 Zombie Survival by Purple Fish and Jack5. Project supervision by Jack (Jack5) Stringer.
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