Zeeland A5

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  • What's more dutch than tulips? Staunch Protestantism. Which is why the pavilion in mid has been transformed into a church, hopefully providing more verticality to play around with.
  • Fixed the func_nobuilds on the parasols to actually be func_nobuilds.
  • Increased time to cap the point from 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Re-routed the main building to be less confusing and have better game play flow
  • Added an extra route from back entrance to the windows
  • Made back entrance larger
  • Added func_nobuild to the tops of the parasols and trees
Well, I can safely say that the last version made the map worse so I undid half of it and refined other parts.
  • Canals caused the middle to be a bit too wide, so i got rid of it.
  • Removed the bandstand and replaced it with a much more spacious pavilion surrounded by trees.
  • Created a new side building that routes players towards the point.
  • Added more health kits in the side building and upgraded the windmill's kit from small to medium.
  • Lots of small tweaks that I can't remember
  • Made the map more Netherlands-ish
  • Re-designed the mid with a canal and drawbridges
  • Windmills!


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