zahndahmap2016 a4a

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Stuff is changing in favour of red.

Added more highground for red near the track and made it harder to approach the highground red already has.
Lowered the area before CP1 a bit earlier so red's highground is more effective, also reduced some attacking healthkits around CP1 to be small.
Lowered CP2 and added cover for red.
Changed the area before CP3 so reds holding areas arent so easily taken over by blu.
Moved pickups at CP3 to be less powerful for pushing in.
Changed flank between Red final spawn and CP3 so that it can be used to hold CP3, and useful for holding Final (this room should be like a focal point of defense)
Changed some pickups around last.
The stairs to the Red final spawn > CP3 flank now dont lower ever.

Ill update screenshots soon after this post.
Some source fuckery caused my map to crash on the TF2M servers, that should all be fixed now. Map is now a bit textued and some slight gameplay changes, nothing major though.

Screenshots not updated as the actual geometry is practically the same.
its still a3, nothing new to add or anything.