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Yrr's General Purpose Particles v1

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Yrr's General Purpose Particles v1

some particles to use in ur maps :)

Made by Yrrzy for the 2021 72hr Jam!

Contains 17 particles:
embers_256d - a circle of embers 256hu in diameter
embers_256w - a square of embers 256hu across
embers_512d - a circle of embers 512hu in diameter
embers_512w - a square of embers 512hu across
embers_1024d - a circle of embers 1024hu in diameter
embers_1024w - a square of embers 1024hu across

sparks_fx - a burst of sparks
sparks_fx_looping - as above but looping
sparks_fx_aimed - a directional burst of sparks
sparks_fx_aimed_looping - as above but looping

spray_fx - a directional burst of water
spray_fx_looping - as above but looping

steamjet_fx - a directional burst of steam
steamjet_fx_looping - as above but looping

wind_fx - a ~1024 unit area where directional wind streaks appear
wind_fx_debris - as above but with debris blowing
wind_fx_paper - as above but with papers blowing

Put the bin folder contained in your Team Fortress 2/ folder (not your tf/ folder) to add the prefabs.
This will add a prefab folder named "Yrr's General Purpose Particles v1" to the entity tool dropdown containing each of the particles in skip brush visualisers.

Also included is a zoo vmf in mapsrc, named ygpp_particle_zoo.vmf, containing an example prefab of every particle.

Your map will also need a particle manifest to display particles.
To create a particle manifest, make a copy of the "ygpp_particle_zoo_particles" file provided in maps/, named [your own map's name] _particles, and place this file in your maps/ folder.
If your map uses many different pcf files you'll need to include all of them in this file.
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