Yodel A5

Traditional 4-point Payload map with some new gameplay spaces

  1. Crrrrrrystal
    Payload Yodel is a traditional 4-point Payload map based on some stock maps such as Badwater, Frontier, Barnblitz, and Borneo. Some new gameplay ideas include:

    Blu spawn: The back door allows for access to the roof of Blu spawn, giving Blu a height advantage for the first point.
    C: 1 side has a large death pit, with a daring jump that allows blu easy access to a valuable defense point for Red.
    Map Shape: The whole map is shaped in an S rather than the traditional curve of TF2 maps in order to allow both spawn access to the ends and the middle of the map. For this reason, neither spawn moves, rather they change exits.

    This is my very first TF2 map. Feedback, especially negative, is greatly appreciated. pl_yodel_a50000.jpg pl_yodel_a50002.jpg pl_yodel_a50003.jpg pl_yodel_a50004.jpg pl_yodel_a50005.jpg pl_yodel_a50006.jpg pl_yodel_a50007.jpg pl_yodel_a50008.jpg

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