Ymir A5

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Lowered the kill trigger in the pit under C

Changed blue spawn's exit to prevent people sniping into it

Slight change to spawntimes after A is captured to give Red more of a chance to defend

Added a platform on B to give Red a bit more height

Removed a gap on some stairs leading up to B

  • Moved some overlays around in C's base

  • Fixed some clipping issues

  • Changed some misleading signs

  • Increased the size of the hallways leading to C

  • Removed some height platform on the gun around B

  • Moved the pillars at C to block some sightlines and give engies places to build

  • Added some health the lower route to B

  • Fixed an issue of an overlay in the building leading to B not being visible

  • Changed the size of C's cap zone to fit the platform

  • Added textures to the roof of all buildings

  • Added a window to the routes leading from Blu's spawn to allow for planning

  • Removed a sightline on A

  • Removed a supply locker in red's main spawn

  • Removed an overlay

  • Changed the doors at C so they're all closed when A has not be captured

  • Adjusted spawntime a little bit

  • Added some space around B point

  • Removed some sightlines

  • Changed some of the towers into other bits of cover to remove the mazelike feelings
  • Added another exit to forward spawn for blu and red