YM2K15 14

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Alpha 14 released 22/09/2015
  • Fixed a naming issue causing doors to interfere
  • Increased red respawn time by a second for defending 2nd

Alpha 13 released 22/09/2015
  • Reshaped one of the red respawn rooms at final
  • Condensed the building by 3rd to remove an extraneous room once 2nd is captured
  • Reworked scaffolding over 3rd
Alpha 12 released 09/09/15
  • Fixed a respawnroom with no brush entities
  • Added a handful of cubemaps
Alpha 11 released 08/09/15
  • Fixed a point you could get stuck by a setup gate
  • Fixed a few places you could get caught between a wall and the payload
  • Moved blue team's final respawn closer to final slightly
  • Knocked a hole in the flank building by 2nd
  • Chicken wire at 2nd instead of opaque dev textures
  • Reduced setup time by 10 seconds (75 seconds)
  • Added windows to respawn rooms at final
  • Slightly adjusted respawn timers for round start and after cp 1
  • Miscellaneous minor changes
Alpha 10 released 29/08/15
  • Reduced strength of initial balcony sentry position
  • Adjusted respawn times across first three points
  • Reopened closed off building in _a9
  • Increased environment light levels somewhat
  • Delayed capture-respawn input for red so they spawn in an active respawn room