Ydan a1

Pronounced "EE-Dan" (Steel, starting from A1 and taken in a different direction)

  1. SnickerPuffs
    A while ago, I released a map named Stiletto, which was an edit of Borneo's A1. This was meant to serve as an example of my "Mother-Forking Mapping Contest" idea, which can be read about here.

    For a number of reasons, I had dropped this project. All things considered, it was a poor launch-board for this idea. Still set on proving this contest idea viable, though, I contacted Fishbus, creator of CP_Steel. With his permission, I began work on this map, Ydan.

    That's pronounced "EE-dan", by the way.


    Credits -
    Fishbus, original map creator
    @KubeKing, for hosting the gameday that inspired the MFMC
    @Muddy, for proposing the gameday that inspired the MFMC
    @iiboharz, for the Cap Point Billboard


    1. cp_ydan_a10002.jpg
    2. cp_ydan_a10003.jpg
    3. cp_ydan_a10004.jpg
    4. cp_ydan_a10005.jpg
    5. cp_ydan_a10006.jpg
    6. cp_ydan_a10007.jpg