Woodward a7

Dynamic koth

  1. More space

    Major changes
    - widened log area flank
    - added a whole new section at the house flank area

    This will give attackers some place to forward hold and make flanking players feel like they have an option.

    To do:
    - make saw hitboxes a bit smaller
    - add a second door at respawns to prevent camping

    I'm pushing this version out because I want to have to playtested as soon as possible so I can move forward.

    Also, I know the point feels streamlined and funneled, that was exacly my goal when making this map. I want to force players to play around the saws and I'm very against the free flank type routes where you can get behind the enemy lines without any sort of risk. I think a koth map that is not streamlined turns into a dm map (see: harvest) and I wanted to try my best to avoid that. Finally, thanks for the feedback everyone, so far it was very constructive and encouraging :)
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