[WIP] mvm_beacon a01

3-mann MvM map for the July 2018 72-hour Jam

  1. Sniggyfigbat
    Do you ever want to play MvM custom maps, but realise you haven't got 5 TF2-playing friends? Well, that's you and almost everyone else!

    Introducing mvm_Beacon, a 3-Mann Robot Slaughterfest!

    Basically, I got bored of never having enough people to test my map with, and decided that three people was my absolute minimum for a fun TF2 experience. The 72-hour Jam seemed the perfect time to give such a thing a go!

    The map (theoretically, once I've done a lot more work on it) consists of defending a lighthouse from the mechanical horde. It's got shitloads of verticality, a halfway-up control point that opens up a cool flank route, and lots of ominous fog.

    Design and Screenshots:

    Fig. 1-3: Floorplan of map, with progressive layers sliced off the top to show tunnels.









    Fig. 4-7: Screenshots of alpha version a01, still unplayable.