WIP - Cp_Area48

WIP - Cp_Area48 2016-08-08

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WIP - Cp_Area48 2016-08-08

Deep In the woods lies Area48. CP map based on Frontline Pack and Landfall Map assets.


A 3 control point map made by me, Zurby (aka, daddy).
First time mapper, Would love feedback on every aspect of map making.


The private militaty company you work for has recently bought a plot of land
far away from civilization as to not awareness and keep civilions away. There
you intend to build a large facility to conduct cloning and mutating experiments
to revive and create a giant army of the king of all animals. Harambe.
You are up in arms as you soon come to realize your main competitor ALSO bought a plot of land in the same forest far away for civilization. Now it is your job as part of the security force to investigate and destroy their resource import routes.


CP_Area48 is not in a playable state yet, Since this is my first time using hammer I focused on getting familiar with how it works, hence why I skipped the process of blocking everything out and play testing it as I wanted to get into learning everything fast and efficiently.
I will still be releasing the map once it's completely done and will further shape it to the feedback I get once it's done.

Currently I have nearly completed rough detailing the area where your base's control point is. Over the course of this month I will be making the Middle point. I wish to be ready to play test it by the end of August.


Images can be found here.

Side Note:

Big thank you to @Bakscratch and @Wilson for answering the many questions I had/ still have concerning how to use this bloody stone age mapping tool, hammer.


Also thanks to Dr. Spud for releasing the Landfall assets (big tree) and thanks to everyone who worked on Frontline for the amazing textures, models and more!
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