Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine 1.0

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Wind Turbine 1.0

Made by Seba

Mann Co. Wind Turbine

Item # 4178

Is your company's need for constant electricity being stopped short in its tracks by high-priced fossil fuels and/or highly unstable Uranium? Well, not anymore! Mann Co.'s brand-new product, the Wind Turbine, lets you punch air's big brother, wind, in the face, then put a saddle on that bitch and mount it like a wild Mexican bronco. Powered solely by wind, these state-of-the-art towers will generate all the electricity you need to power your giant laser, giant centrifuge, or giant robot of destruction. Each turbine comes in a stylish rusted gray to conceal their true owner - that way, if any pesky government agent follows the power cables to a doomsday machine, he'll never find out if it really is yours or not!

Note: remember to set the prop type to dynamic for maximum spinnage.
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Very versatile prop, only downside is the missing skybox version.