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Wildpond Final

Red Teams Yeti Facility

  1. XEnderFaceX

    Wildpond is an Attack/Defend Control Point map. It takes place in the Jungle

    Control Point A - The First Control Point takes place inside Red Teams Yeti Facility.
    Inside a Room where Red Team tests out the Yetis!

    Control Point B - The Second Control Point takes place outside close to a Crocodile Farm, watch out!

    Control Point C - The Last Control Point takes place inside Red Teams Yeti Facility.
    Inside a Room where the Yetis get Frozen inside a few Cells for Safety!

    Basic information:

    Map type: Control Point
    File name: cp_wildpond
    Release Date: 29.04.2018
    Developer(s): XEnderFaceX

    Map Info:

    Environment: Jungle, Alpine
    Setting: Cloudy
    Deep Water: Yes
    Hazards: Crocodiles

    Map Items:

    Health Kits:

    Full: 1
    Medium: 5
    Small: 4

    Ammo Boxes:

    Full: 1
    Medium: 4
    Small: 3

    Thanks to:

    "Mappers arent Nappers" Poster - Diva Dan
    Arctic Prop pack - Dr.Face
    Various Explosion Particles Pack - FissionMetroid101
    Overgrown Assets - UEAKCrash
    Bear Cutout - MaccyF


    - There are 3 Hidden Mini-Yetis in this Map, can you find them?


    - When a Player on CP C near a Yeti Freezer dies, there is the chanche that the Playermodel goes through the Freezer


    Incase youre Wondering why Wildpond is on Final right now is because i honestly lost motivation with Wildpond.
    So i decided to get it to Final instead of just keeping it at B7.
    I hope you understand. Thanks for the Support and Feedback! :)


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