Wilco A1a

An arena map located in a small island with a submarine base.

  1. Hdrik
    Wilco is my first TF2 map ever uploaded, yay!

    It's big compared to Byre, map which served me as inspiration, and probably not as fast paced as I would wish, who knows. But at the end I came out with something totally different what I planned that I did not dislike.

    While making this map I decided to give players at the bottom floor of the main area (where the control point is) an open and wide space but with the danger of being attacked by surprise from above while capping.

    However, players at the top floor that have an advantageous position over those players close to the contol point may also feel that the area is more tight and dangerous because of the side rooms and other access that can serve to flank.

    arena_wilco_a1_botto_cp.jpg arena_wilco_a1_top_cp.jpg arena_wilco_a1_stairs_cp.jpg arena_wilco_a1_warehouse.jpg arena_wilco_a1_Overview.jpg

    Please, any feedback will be welcome given that I'm learning and I feel I only scratched the surface after I've touched lights and cubemaps basics.