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Wichita A13d

A simple CTF map inspired by the world's smallest skyscraper.

  1. Paper_
    This is my real entry for the Pick-it-Up contest. Apollo has been abandoned until further notice, as it was frustrating the heck out of me, and I got very discouraged. Fortunately, this map took me only 3 days of work to pump out.

    The map's name is based on the famous Wichita Skyscraper in Wichita Falls, Texas. Loose replicas of the building can be found out of bounds on each side of the map just outside of the spawns.
    Each intel room has two dropdowns into it and anti-sentry windows overlooking the room reminiscent of all the "Chin-style" CTF maps that have gotten popular since Back-to-Basics happened. The mid is a janky bridge.

    Credit to ASG for the striped glass texture, Rexy for the chairman vehicle model, and the Vehicles Pack for other assorted vehicles, as well as the Swamp Pack for the intelligence signage.

    20200518190432_1.jpg 20200518190508_1.jpg 20200518190525_1.jpg 20200518190834_1.jpg 20200518190541_1.jpg 20200518190559_1.jpg 20200518190651_1.jpg 20200518190754_1.jpg 20200518190734_1.jpg 20200518190803_1.jpg 20200518190913_1.jpg 20200518191009_1.jpg