Whistlepost a2_reupload

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Whistlepost a2_reupload

I had no clue what a "whistle post" was until I looked it up.


Here's an updated CTF version of my map Whistlepost, which originally featured a custom gamemode (which was pretty confusing to a lot of people). Note- Sorry for the console text on the screenshots, I'm too lazy to retake them!

Original Header:
This map features a KotH/CTF mix, where the intelligence is needed to capture the point. If this gamemode has been done before and you know of a map that uses it, please link to it below, as I'm not sure if this is a completely new concept. This is also my second map released, so it's either going to be my best or my worst. It takes heavy inspiration from 2fort, but I made sure to try to avoid the choke-related problems 2fort faces, which I think will help both the gamemode and its gameplay. I probably won't even submit this to a Gameday! ::p:

To-do (more like "to-probably-not-do)":
  • Overlays disappear after compile?
  • Fix disappearing chunk of brush?
  • Fix skybox issues?
  • Compile with custom prefix?
  • Make displacements (once the areas are finalized)

Thanks to...

Older Map Versions:
a2 -
a1 - https://www.mediafire.com/?9lb37orvuias5rb

And yes, I know that this is a very detailed alpha. That's just how I roll!
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