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  1. Iron Knight
    So I was sitting there getting ready for the jam to start you know. Once it started I worked my ass off for about 1/3 of the jam before I stepped back and looked at my amazing work I have made in Hammer. Or uh, I thought it would be amazing in reality it was shit. So then I started over, twice.
    a was planning on making a cp map with a twist, but that ALSO didn't get anywhere. I also made a boxing arena which although I will work on it, I gave up on it for the moment. Even though I couldn't make a map I wanted to still participate, so I decided to make an SFM poster. I DID read the rules, and I know it says low-quality entries may not earn a badge, but I'm not really good at SFM and I did the best I could at least so I hope what the mean by low-quality entries, they mean entries that didn't have effort into it. I'm new to all this posting stuff but I put as much effort as I could into this so I hope its acceptable.

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  1. Zoomspilo
    Version: lolno
    It's beautiful. It really sums up the human condition. 10/10, would meme again.