Wetland a6

A waterlogged 3cp A/D map in the Swamp theme.

  1. phi

    after 7 months phi returns with "cp wetland". will this be the anticipated followup to her more-than-halfway-decent map "cp sunshine"? probably not. but it was still fun to make.

    Not a very creative name, but it wasn't taken so yeah. Wetland. Wet land. Get it? Because it's a swamp. The land is wet. Wet land.

    I spent way too long making this. I should have probably invested that time into a more useful project like another 5cp map or something, but I couldn't stand making another symmetrical map right now. So I poured creative energy into this beast. Who knows how it'll play.

    Oh yeah: it's a 3CP single stage A/D map. Linear. Might have multiple stages at one point or another, too.