Weatherlab a2

Made by nik

  1. nik

    Version: Pre-Alpha 2

    Introducing PL_Weatherlab, a branching Payload map.

    You're probably wondering "how the shit does branching payload work?", well it's quite simple. This is a 'badwater' style payload map, so there are 4 points to capture. The first and last points are always the same, and the two points in between those are branched. This means that when the first point is captured, the map will randomly choose to go down one of two paths, which are simply mirrored versions of each other (to keep the HUD correct, and to keep it balanced). It might seem a little confusing on your first go, so I've added some arrows and changed the way the paths open up since the first (bad) release.

    If you're wondering what the name means, basically later I will detail each "branched" section a different weather theme. Below is a diagram that should help explain this.


    Besides that, I don't have much else to tell you, but the spawns may seem a little silly right now, and I'm working on that.


    1. pl_weatherlab_pa10000.jpg
    2. pl_weatherlab_pa10001.jpg
    3. pl_weatherlab_pa10002.jpg
    4. pl_weatherlab_pa10003.jpg
    5. pl_weatherlab_pa10004.jpg