Waterworks A3

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-got rid of some of the sight line barriers
-lowered mid as a whole
-changed some small parts of routes

I think that lower the mid will make pushing from the lower courtyard easier and so far (by so far I mean through bot testing so not really accurate) it has allowed mid to be capped more easily, if a good push is organized.

Hopefully this also doesn't create huge sniper sight lines, but we'll see.
-Blocked many sight lines
-Added side building near point
-Fixed a huge sight line that allowed players to snipe from the small, overhanging building all the way to spawn
-Added props

I obliterated many of the huge sight lines, I might have gone over the top with this. I think that sniper will not be too overpowered. If I did go over the top please let me know.

I also added the small building near the point to add some more cover and make the bottom route more viable.

I might make some bigger layout changes in the next update, but I want to see how this works for now. I think that the point feels a little crowded with props, but I'm not sure if that is too much of a problem.
Got A1 working, if you find bugs, please tell me and I'll update the map as soon as I can. In the meantime I'll try to test it on my own and come out with my own update
For proof I am currently working on A1