Watergarden 001d

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Many of these are hypothetical:

-Fixed RED spawnroom (I changed the spawnrooms but forgot to edit the triggers last time, whoops)
-Fixed an issue where the platform was blockable by players.
-Extended cap times and shortened spawn times.
-Allowed BLU to build during setup.
-Added and tweaked signage.
-Made lighting less hotspotty.
-Made the clocks in the storage rooms make more sense, added a bit more lighting.
-Moved two healthkit packs to stop potential sniper camping.
-Narrowed window on second floor so it's difficult (if not impossible) to jump over to the bridge (unless you're a jumping class which is then fine).
-Removed those silly bridges that made 85% of the map meaningless
-Given a decent artpass
-Added signage (pls enable overlays)
-Fixed the point killing its riders
-Fixed the point locking randomly
-Setup time added
-Cap times slightly adjusted
-Clipping fixed around spa tunnel exit
-New area, "storage room" added, with a new route to the upper level
Gamemode actually implemented!