Watergarden 001d

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Watergarden 001d

Elevator Tug of War set in a pretty, historical estate.

Hey gang, Miss Pauling here.

Looks like we've got a contested will with this ancestral estate here. One part of the family wants to turn it into a museum and charge for tickets, and the other wants to live in it.

BLU: Use the elevator to retake the Sun Deck. Get RED out of here and keep this place pristine.

RED: BLU already got one of the urns you moved in with. Keep the elevator down, it's time to evict!


This map is a (horizontally) symmetric and (vertically) asymmetric map where BLU and RED fight over an elevating platform. BLU has to cap three times to win, but RED can push the elevator back down by counter-capturing.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Bugfixes & Tweaks.

    Many of these are hypothetical: -Fixed RED spawnroom (I changed the spawnrooms but forgot to edit the triggers last time, whoops) -Fixed an issue where the platform was blockable by players. -Extended cap times and shortened spawn times...
  2. Ruined lighting, fixed the rest of the map.

    -Removed those silly bridges that made 85% of the map meaningless -Given a decent artpass -Added signage (pls enable overlays) -Fixed the point killing its riders -Fixed the point locking randomly -Setup time added -Cap times slightly adjusted...
  3. Tranquility increased by 48%.

    Gamemode actually implemented!