Waterflow A10

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Waterflow A10

A close quarters 5CP Map made for 12v12

RED and BLU own two Facilities. These Facilities redirect water to a nearby water purification plant. Because RED and BLU are RED and BLU, they try to capture the enemies Facility to cut the water supplies of the enemy off. Will this plan work out? Well, I don't care. Just shoot each other.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 10 Update

    Changed an underground path now leading to second instead of leading to last Fixed pickups not being properly mirrored Changed signs Switched some playerclips to be blockbullets Adjusted spawntimes Tweaked pickups
  2. Alpha 9 Update

    added resupply lockers to forward spawns (They become disabled if you lose the corresponding point so don't even try to camp them) Widened additional entrances tweaked pickups removed the walls at the big "staircase" added a bridge to last...
  3. Alpha 8A Update

    removed I/O no longer in use (you could get stuck inside forward spawnrooms if you no longer owned the corresponding point)