Water Rocket a2

Who thought this would work?

  1. yellow_
    An experimental hydro powered rocket has been spotted in the middle of nowhere. Which team will fire the rocket and get their names in the history books, and which team will lose the battle?

    2CP Arena map on a small battlefield. My focus for this map is for the matches to be over quickly, where kills are the main focus and the control points are very optional.

    This is my entry for the 72hr Summer Jam 2018. As of Alpha 2, i feel like i'm done with the map. I need some feedback to change some stuff, make the map feel less blocky and i want the rocket to fly upwards upon round completion. That's the stuff keeping me from saying it's done. I would like to say this event is great. I've never felt this motivated to make something and get it done.

    Custom content used:
    A Boojum Snark's 'Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack'


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